Maintain Your Attitude of Service

My wife recently visited a major retail pharmacy with her mother to pick up medications. They arrived at the drive-through window about 30 minutes before closing and were immediately subjected to rude and abrupt behavior. Upon receiving the medications, her mother noticed that she did not need one of the medications provided. My wife pressed the drive through call button to advise the clerk of the need for a refund.  After waiting for approximately 5 minutes for someone to respond, the clerk appeared and was advised of the need of a refund for the unneeded medication. Without verbally acknowledging the request, the clerk opened the drawer into which my wife placed the medication.  The wheels really started to come off of this customer service interaction as the clerk proceeded to slam the drawer shut. She returned and requested that my wife sign the refund receipt which was attached to a clipboard. After placing the clipboard with the attached signed receipt back into the drawer, the clerk slammed the drawer with such force that the clipboard was broken. My wife advised the clerk that she would be reported for her rude behavior. Promptly upon arriving home, my wife initiated an online complaint to the company and received a return email advising her that she would receive an update within two business days. As promised, an update was received within the given timeframe apologizing for the clerk’s behavior and advising that the customer relations department initiated an investigation of the complaint. All of this was avoidable if the clerk had chosen to maintain a service attitude throughout her shift. Yes, it was close to closing time when my wife and mother-in-law arrived, but the service attitude is on duty as long as there is a customer to service. Are you and or your employees maintaining a service attitude with every customer? It’s important, as the failure to do so may result in someone having to restore a customer’s confidence in your company. Remember, your customers have options!

11 thoughts on “Maintain Your Attitude of Service”

  1. We have to agree with you, regardless of timing and regardless of position we as consumers expect good customer service, so why wouldn’t we provide this to our customers? The customer is the life blood of any organisation and so for us it is something we pride ourselves gaining the highest levels. Thanks for sharing this experience, makes you stop and think

  2. Unfortunately, this probably stems from lack of management at the local level. This employee seemed all too comfortable exhibiting such rude behavior; which exposes a larger problem at this location. Unfortunately some businesses will not get it until it affects profitability. For some small and medium size companies, by then it’s too late.

    Thanks for the article!

    1. You are correct sir. I seriously doubt this was the clerk’s first time exhibiting such behaviour. Thanks for taking the time to read the article and for your comments!

  3. Great article, Errol!

    The sad part is, not many people would have reported this. Most would have just switched pharmacies. Sadly, a company works incredibly hard to get a customer with their marketing; but does not train their staff well or provide incentive compensation for great customer service, so they are constantly filling a leaky bucket.

  4. Errol,
    Thank you for your diligence in your quest to help us define “customer service”. No matter how fabulous the product, it will little merit without the proper presentation. And at the end of the day, it’s all about service. That’s all we have for one another and that is what will make the difference..
    Press on, my brother!!

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