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He Put In The Effort To Find That Shirt!

Recently visited Jos. A. Bank located at 9668 Westheimer – Woodlake Square here in Houston, Tx to take advantage off a sale (70% off!). I was greeted by Nicolas Tobler with a resounding “How may I help you sir?”. When advised of my reason for visiting the store, Nicolas proceeded to offer his assistance in a most professional manner. After choosing two pairs of slacks, I asked Nicolas to guide me to the shirts that were on sale. He asked for my neck size and sleeve length, then measured both just to make sure. While looking through the shirts, I found a particular shirt that I considered a “must have” except there was one obstacle – the neck size was too small. Nicolas turned up his service a notch at this point. He checked every shirt on the shelf that matched the one of interest, pulled out two of the largest boxes if I have ever seen in a clothing store from beneath a display table in search of that shirt! He then asked if I would allow him time to check in the back for the shirt. Unfortunately, the shirt was not in stock, but Nicolas said “I can order it for you Mr. Allen and it will be here within three to five days.” After all of his efforts, I couldn’t turn him down. Nicolas earned his award with his prompt greeting, professional demeanor and extra effort in attempting to find that shirt!


  1. trishaproud07-06-2012

    I love this sales technique. I am a sticker for it, because even though I know it is a sales technique I love the fact that somebody is doing their job well and providing the very best customer service they ca. Nicolas earned his award by using the magic of the ‘power of behaviour’. It works every time on me too!

    • redcat5307-06-2012

      He was pretty good with his technique Tricia! Hey, the newsletter will be out in about 10 minutes. Hope you approve of your “Spotlight”!

  2. Huey Holiman07-09-2012

    Stellar customer service is always wanted when it comes to any type of business. I run a small business in our city and i always make sure that we give great customer service in our valued customers. ,.:’`

    • redcat5307-10-2012

      Thanks Huey for taking the time to read the article.

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