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Photo Rental SourceNow most people don’t know that besides being passionate about all things customer service, I’m also a photographer. In preparation for a recent event, I realized that it might be a good idea to acquire a lens that’s appropriate for low – light indoor photography. After researching online for the proper lens, I realized that the price was a little higher than what I was prepared to pay. My other option was to rent the lens. That’s when Photo Rental Source entered the picture! I found them via Google and visited their website. The lens for my needs was listed in their online inventory and the rental rate was great. It was simple and easy to place my order via the website. I chose to pick the lens up at Photo Rental Source’s physical location and was greeted by Patrick Garza and Carl Cramer. To make sure that I had chosen the right lens, I informed them of the type of event and lighting situation I anticipated on encountering. They both assured me that my choice was correct and recommended the rental of a Speedlite flash to compliment the lens. I was given a quick tutorial on operating the flash before leaving the location. Needless to say, the pictures turned out great, my customer is happy and so am I thanks to the guys at Photo Rental Resource! Let’s add this one up -1. Customer friendly web site 2. Great rental rates. 3. Employees made sure I was comfortable with the Speedlite. 4. Great overall customer experience! Congratulations to the March winner of the “Now That’s Customer Service!” AwardPhoto Rental Source. Visit their website at For samples of my photography, visit my website at

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