customerservicesurveyGetting your customers opinion regarding your company is crucial to sustaining growth and generating long term revenue. Errol Allen Consulting can design a survey to fit the needs of your organization. Capturing customer feedback assists organizations in gauging the effectiveness of its operation and guides one in taking corrective actions to insure customers receive a great experience. We offer two methods for  surveying your customers:

  • General Surveys – We will send out surveys to your designated clients, analyze the returned surveys and provide you with detailed information on how your customer feels about your products and services.

  • Post Service Surveys – At Errol Allen Consulting, we believe that it’s critical to get customer feedback while the experience is fresh in their minds. Some businesses fit this surveying method – especially those that provide services at the customers’ premises. We can develop a survey and survey tool that captures feedback with a minimal time commitment from your customer. This feedback will be utilized to identify service delivery opportunities for improvement