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Customer Service Engineer


Developing customer service strategies for maximum customer retention!

“Customer Service Guru”


“Someone who is an expert within the field of serving customers. They are skilled in motivating staff with new ideas and by speaking about the importance of customer service.”

Errol Allen is a very skilled customer service guru.

Silicon Valley Dictionary

We hired Errol to help us with our customer service.  We had no idea what we were asking him was so vague.  After one meeting with Errol we had a much better understanding of how to create a better customer experience.  Errol is a hands on consultant helping with the implementation of his ideas not just giving you an idea and hoping you implement it.  Because of Errol, Empire Industries now has a complete set of systems manuals, process flows, form letters and emails and phone scripts.  This ensures our team creates the same experience for the customer each time which is the very foundation of great customer service.

Pete Neubig – Operations Partner – Empire Industries Property Management


I have been working with Errol since February and have to say the difference he has made in our company has been great! His dedication to helping our company grow and putting in place processes and procedures has been wonderful! Errol has taken a personal interest and a business interest in our company and he has been a great mentor. I would definitely recommend him!!

Lisa Porterfield, CPM
General Manager/Broker
Empire Industries Property Management


“Errol is an example to all of us with a passion for serving our Customers and he champions the principles of Customer Service with a very “customer-centric” view and is always worth following on LinkedIn with his erudite comments backed up by good examples that demonstrate the values and principals of Customer Service.”

Martin Creasy – Customer Services Manager at Ion Science Ltd – Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom 

 Ion Science

“Errol is a very professional, yet entertaining speaker and author. His knowledge of customer service techniques are impressive, using simple ideas to create amazing results. I look forward to new videos from Errol as they are a great learning tool for my team as well.”  Chris Cash –  Assistant Manager of Customer Service and Inside Sales – McPherson Oil Products – Trussville, ALMcPherson Oil Products

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