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“Errol is the calm in the storm of business. His clarity, simple plan of attack and the incredible personal touch bring value to anyone that uses him for the improvement of their business. I highly recommend him!” – Anton Rudjuk – President at Flexiplus LLC./Rowl Trucking LLC.


“Not only do I highly recommend Errol but I have already recommended him to all of my friends who run a business. Errol helped Empire Industries not only document all of our processes but during the process we found bottleneck challenges, communication challenges with our clients and with our team, found team members performing the same tasks, tasks not being completed and anything else you can dream of.  Errol has a knack for getting the details of each and every process.  We are now running much more efficiently, our communication to our customers has increased,  our customer service levels have increased and our team members are performing all of the necessary tasks.  If you are serious about running your business efficiently and providing top notch customer service you need to work with Errol.” – Pete Neubig – CEO – Empire Industries, LLC.
“Mr. Allen’s confidence and professionalism is what stood out the most in our management team’s decision to bring in Errol to take the company to higher performance levels by refining our business model. As time went on, we later learned of Errol’s unmatched integrity in how he worked within our company’s culture. The honesty he gave in his interactions with our management team had a very positive impact on our business objectives. Errol Allen is a business process management consultant that used his extensive background and experience in customer service to help our healthcare business grow. Errol’s skill at gathering and analyzing data from our workflow processes helped us to identify gaps that were causing the company to operate inefficiently. In short, Errol’s work documented our internal processes and taught our management team how to implement better internal controls. The net result of the investment made in our firm by contracting Errol resulted in better than a 3x return over a 6 month period! I highly recommend Errol to any business owner because of Errol’s work experience and skill as an industry expert to help increase value and profitability of your business.” – Ervin Hughes Jr. – President at Dominion Capital Management


Errol is a very professional, yet entertaining speaker and author. His knowledge of customer service techniques are impressive, using simple ideas to create amazing results. I look forward to new videos from Errol as they are a great learning tool for my team as well as myself. – Chris Cash – Customer Service Manager – Pumps, Parts & Service, Inc.