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Developing customer service strategies for maximum customer retention!

Very recently, had the privilege of a 1:1 interaction with Errol on the importance of “Customer Retention”. As marketers, we tend to focus heavily on acquisition. Given Errol’s commendable customer service background, he was able to share some very important insights in to improving “loyalty” and increasing long term profitability.”Neil Parikh – Director of Marketing, Encara Corp.ENCARA

“Errol is a very knowledgeable, super-sharp, highly experienced Customer Service Consultant. His Customer Service workshops and training programs provide attendees with practical tools and techniques that can be quickly applied back on the job. Errol’s knowledge of internal Customer Service processes are “second to none.” His stringent up-front needs assessments ensures a focused, tailored, right-fit long-term solution for his clients. I also, have had the pleasure of attending one of Errol’s Customer Service workshops. The workshop was lively, highly interactive, inspiring and chock-full of pertinent, real-world examples and anecdotes. Errol has the temperament, professional demeanor, leadership and interpersonal communication skills to work with all levels of an organization, from front-line customer service providers to senior executives.”Ken Marsh – Author of Fearless Networking

“It’s reallly very simple–Errol Allen knows customer service.  I work with Business Development managers in the financial sector.  Errol’s approach was to patiently ask questions so as to clarify the problem before offering advice.  Only when he understood my frustration completely did he see the underlying problem, not something I had noticed.  I highly recommend Errol–he cam help you, too.”Walter Blanchard

Thank you to Errol Allen Consulting for a great Customer Service workshop this morning. I have been returning calls since I arrived at my home office today!!Myrna Galan Galan Graphix

Errol Allen Consulting had a great workshop on customer service for small and mid-size companies.  His workshop opened my eyes to bettering our relationship with our customers and giving excellent service to those that we buy and sell homes to.  It was a pleasure working with Errol and utilizing his knowledge.  His expertise helped develop a customer service strategy that will help my company become great at servicing our clients to the max!Crystal Rumer

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