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“It’s A System” Seminar”

A one day seminar on the importance of cross functional collaboration for maximum service delivery.  The goal is to get everyone to pause and ask themselves “If I take this action, who’s impacted by my decision.” In this seminar, we will discuss: 

  • The importance of “getting in the other person’s shoes” to understand how everyone impacts one another in the quest to deliver great customer service.
  • The impact to employee morale when an organization operates from a systemic mindset.
  • 5 crucial steps to creating a systemic organization.
  • The power of understanding someone else’s “Why” when building a great organization.


“Associates in Action” Training

Customer service training for face-to-face and phone customer service associates tailored to the needs of your company. We will assist your front line employees in becoming customer service ambassadors by equipping them with the skills necessary to create loyal customers. They will learn: The power of “Please” and “Thank You”. Skills for dealing with the upset customer. The importance of using your ears more than your mouth. Why it’s important to be energized when servicing the customer. The training will be built around your product or service – no “off the shelf”  or “one size fits all” package for you, our customer! We’ll spend time with you to learn the specific needs of your organization, design a custom program to fit your needs and build in basic customer service skills in order to provide a comprehensive solution. Specific topics covered in this training include:

  • The power of a professional greeting.
  • The importance of using proper hold techniques.
  • Call control strategies.
  • Voice tone and inflections.
  • Body language and facial expressions when face-to-face with the customer.
  • Skills for dealing with the angry customer.

” Customer Service Manager Success! “

A one day training course on the fundamentals of systemic management for both the new and experienced manager. In this session, we teach you:

  • A six step comprehensive program for the development of supervisors/managers.
  • Why cross functional knowledge increases your value as a supervisor/manager.
  • How pattern awareness contributes to your success with your direct reports.
  • The importance of clear and regular communications.
  • How to gain the respect of your direct report personnel as well as your manager.
  • The importance of getting the story behind the operational numbers before making both operational and  people decisions.
  • The difference between the macro and micro elements of supervision.
  • Why your relationship with your human resource department is crucial to your success.

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