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“7 Ingredients for Creating Great Customer Experiences”

Errol shares why Reliability, Accessibility, Competency, Credibility, Responsiveness, Courtesy and Consistency are must have organizational qualities for building long term customer relationships and long term business success.

“4 C’s of Customer Service”

Hear why Commitment, Completeness, Consistency and Communication are all necessary for a customer centered organization.

“What My Dad Had To Say About Customer Service”

Errol talks about the influence of his father’s reminders – “Haste Makes Waste” and “Everything You Do Affects Somebody Else“- on his customer service philosophy and how they can assist in building a customer focused  organization.

“Customer Service  Is Like Football”

Errol talks about the similarities in the requirements for developing a great football team and a great customer centered organization. Factors such as commitment, leadership, planning and concentration are needed to reach one’s organizational goals. Errol utilizes the parallels of football and customer service to keep the audience engaged and inspired!

“Smile Training : Just One Piece Of The Customer Service Puzzle”

In this session, we’ll discuss why “smile training” alone is not enough in your efforts to provide excellent customer service. We’ll identify other components required to create a great customer service system.

“Bridging the Gap Between Workload and Reward Systems”

It’s important to create rewards systems with the employee’s workload in mind. Successful reward systems lead to long term positive employee morale, long term productivity and long term profitability. Learn what it takes to bridge the gap.

Management 101

Exercising  the proper management skills is crucial to both employee and business success. Learn the six questions to ask before stepping into the day to day activities of your new role. You’ll understand the importance of identifying  the macro (big rocks) and micro (little rocks) elements of your new role. Look to gain a broader perspective of your company which will guide your decision making and make you an invaluable asset. Hear how to develop communication skills necessary for leadership success as well as  identifying effective strategies to create team synergy.

“Creating Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty”

Creating customer satisfaction & loyalty is crucial to the survival of any business – large or small. Receive practical information on  why developing a  customer centered culture is one way to insure the long term success of your company.

  “The Impact of Performance Goals on Customer Service”

Employees today are experiencing more stress than ever in this era of economic uncertainty. It’s very important to align workload and performance goals for long term positive employee morale, long term profitability and long term productivity. Learn why properly developing performance goals is critical to creating a healthy work environment and happy customers.

                    “5 Keys To Customer Retention”

Customer retention is the lifeblood for an company – large or small .We’ll discuss five key ingredients required to maximize customer retention.

“The Financial Impact of Customer Service”

Be enlightened on the how customer service impacts your bottom line. Get an understanding of why it’s important to determine how much your customer is worth, the financial repercussions of a service failure and how “word of mouth” advertising can drive your business growth

“Loyalty – A Two Way Street”

Get an understanding of the importance of treating employees in the same manner that you desire they service your customers. Learn how employee morale impacts customer service, why it’s important to show respect to your employees and the ramifications of ignoring the basic principles of human relations.

“Internal Customers – They’re Important Too!”

Creating the proper work environment is critical to organizational success. In order to successfully reach organizational goals, it’s crucial to develop and maintain positive interdepartmental interactions. Viewing others within your organization as internal customers helps one to focus on maintaining an attitude of service. Learn why internal customer service is the linchpin to providing amazing customer service to the external customer – your purchasing customer!

“Keys To Delivering Amazing Customer Service”

Based on Errol’s book, Keys To Delivering Amazing Customer Service,  allow Errol to guide you in creating a both a customer and employee friendly culture. It’s critical to realize how important the right culture is to your ability to consistently deliver amazing customer service. Hear why establishing core values, being recognized as an expert, hiring the right people, creating comprehensive training and other keys help you in your quest to meet the needs of employees and customers alike!