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Customer Service Engineer
Silence is not Golden in Customer Service

Silence is not Golden in Customer Service

I have witnessed this phenomenon more than once during both my corporate career and as a ...

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3 Reasons to Create Vendor Standards

3 Reasons to Create Vendor Standards

It’s common for businesses to engage vendors to provide services to their customers. These ...

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3 Benefits of Analyzing Work Processes

3 Benefits of Analyzing Work Processes

In a current client engagement, we are analyzing their work processes. Now more often than not, ...

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Errol Allen uses his 25 + years of hands-on customer interaction experience to assist clients in developing a customer - centric culture. He provides customer service personnel training, leads process analysis/process improvement projects, creates work task systems manuals, develops customer service survey systems, customer complaint systems and employee review systems. Errol is well known for his "hands-on" approach with his clients - he develops solutions to address his clients needs.

“A customer service consultant who offers some great insights into developing your customer service to retain a loyal following. His monthly newsletter “Now That’s Customer Service!” is well worth the read.” – Mystery Shopping Experts UK – Nov 2012

“Your insight into customer service is invaluable. In fact, your book was instrumental in setting the tone and philosophy for our Contact Center. Best!”
Ann Littmann – Director of Operations – Safeway Driving Centers – Houston, Tx
“We hired Errol to help us with our customer service.  We had no idea what we were asking him was so vague.  After one meeting with Errol we had a much better understanding of how to create a better customer experience.  Errol is a hands on consultant helping with the implementation of his ideas not just giving you an idea and hoping you implement it.  Because of Errol, Empire Industries now has a complete set of systems manuals, process flows, form letters and emails and phone scripts.  This ensures our team creates the same experience for the customer each time which is the very foundation of great customer service.”
Pete Neubig – Operations Partner – Empire Industries Property Management
“In our continued effort to provide extraordinary customer service, we recently had Errol Allen come speak to our team here at the Drury Inn & Suites in Sugar Land. To our delight, Errol designed his presentation to be specific to our hotel which made his material extremely interesting, impactful and even more practical. We felt strongly enough about Errol’s presentation and subsequent positive response from everyone, that we have already scheduled him for a return engagement. Thank you Errol!”
Rosielee Frank General Manager Drury Inns &   Suites Sugar Land, TX
“Errol Allen was extremely effective during his consultative engagement in the Summer of 2013. His passion for customer service and processes was prevalent throughout his time with our business. His primary role was to identify processes that could be improved for our service business. We quickly determined from our breakout sessions that going digital was the answer. We were able to implement technology that did away with paper invoicing and digitized the whole process saving numerous hours and inefficiencies.
In addition, Errol helped document a new hire training guide that was fundamental to our business for the on boarding of new staff at the basic level. Lastly, Errol’s personal dedication to the success of the project was greatly appreciated. He was always available to discuss ideas, events, problems that were ongoing while he was with us even though they were beyond his scope. We at Sears Garage Solutions wish him the best in his endeavors and know that he will be very successful with his approach on people and processes.”
Masroor Fatany – Franchise Owner – Sears Garage Solutions
“Errol is an expert on Customer Service. He knows how to communicate that feeling through training. He can help design a training program, or deliver a training program, to your customer service people and they will be able to apply the lessons to create better customer experiences. Errol can take a look at your customer service offerings and work with you from the Executive level through the individual agent level to craft a plan that will point your organization to customer orientation. I heartily recommend Errol to anyone who values customer service.”
Tom Richard – Director of Organizational Development – Westpark Communications
“Errol was extremely responsive to helping me when we were implementing a new customer service telephone monitoring process.  He shared his knowledge and gave me key insights to think about in the process.  His follow through has been impeccable – and he has even gone the road to ensure that all processes are working well.  He is a true professional with much knowledge and experience to share”
Susan Gutierrez – Customer Service Manager – Morton Salt – Chicago, IL
“Since Errol is an expert in customer service and customer relationship management I asked him to speak to my Marketing Management class at the University of St. Thomas.  He did a wonderful job engaging my students in the discussion.  Errol gave an excellent lecture on the role that customer relations plays in overall marketing strategy.  He helped the students make a solid connection between the material in their textbook and the everyday realities and challenges that businesses face in growing and retaining their customer base.  His examples were relevant and purposeful and the students really appreciated his insight.  Errol provided extremely valuable knowledge and I would not hesitate to have him return to speak again.”
Rosalind Wyatt Ph.D. University of St. Thomas – Houston, Tx

In today’s highly competitive business environment, customer service is perhaps the most critical component of the business operation. According to TARP (Technical Research Assistance Program), 68% of customer defections take place because customers feel poorly treated. At Errol Allen Consulting, we believe that “It’s A System!” as all cross-functional operations impact service delivery to the external customer. We assist our clients in achieving:

 Higher Profitability!

Increased Level of Customer Satisfaction!

Improved Cross-Functional Communications!

Efficient Operations!

Positive Employee Morale!




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