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Keys To Delivering Amazing Customer Service guides you in implementing a holistic strategy in your quest to provide great customer service. This practical book assists you in creating both a customer and employee friendly culture to maximize your ability to acquire and retain customers. Learn why establishing core values, hiring the right people to service your customers, balancing workload and performance goals all impact the level of service received by your customer.

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“Your insight into customer service is invaluable. In fact, your book was instrumental in setting the tone and philosophy for our Contact Center! Best!”
Ann Littmann – Director of Operations – Safeway Driving Centers – Houston, Tx

“Keys to Delivering Amazing Customer Service by Errol D. Allen. A Must Read!! As a Guru on Customer Service Errol book has all the tools to be able
to help any organization deliver Amazing Customer Service!. This is a book that I must not only read but study as well!. If you are an employer,
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Thank you Errol for this wonderful book! Congratulations!” Maria Garcia – CVS Caremark