Standard Operating Procedure Development

Once your processes are mapped, the next step is to utilize the map for standard SOP Development. Process mapping illustrates “the what” in your company – what steps are taken to complete the process. Creating standard operating procedures illustrates both “the what” and “the how” – what steps are taken to complete the process and how are they performed. Standard operating procedures are a key linchpin in a company’s success.

EA Consulting

Can aid with standard operating procedures development to:
*Ensure your ability to create consistency.
*Retain process knowledge.
*Provide a proper employee training experience.
*Execute scalability.

4 Benefits of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Here are several benefits to developing standard operating procedures:


Standard operating procedures when utilized, ensure that process tasks are consistently performed in the same manner. Consistency leads to a better experience to persons impacted by the task performance – whether they be another employee within the company (internal customer), a paying customer (external customer) or even a vendor/supplier. Standard operating procedures create a sense of trust – that says yes, I believe that I will always receive the same level of service. Consistency can certainly contribute to repeat business and long-term customer retention.

Knowledge Retention

It’s not uncommon to find that the way to complete specific company tasks lives inside of someone’s head. Nothing can be more costly to a business than to lose operations knowledge when a key employee leaves the company. Imagine how this can impact the ability to properly perform the departed employee’s process tasks. Creating standard operating procedures captures task completion knowledge, thus removing the opportunity for knowledge to leave with departing employees.unnecessary employee turnover.


Training is critical to an employee’s success in their role. When employees are properly trained, it promotes confidence in their ability to properly perform assigned process tasks. Standard operating procedures can be utilized during an employee’s training to ensure the receipt of a proper training experience. Properly trained employees can positively contribute to internal and external customer experiences.


When considering scaling your company, a key concern for either growing in place or operating multiple locations is having the ability to consistently execute processes. Having standard operating procedures in place positively contributes to the ability to do so. It’s critical to ensure that the experience is the same for all parties – the employee training experience, internal and external customer experience and even the vendor/supplier experience. Standard operating procedures development and utilization will assist in scaling properly.