Employee Performance Appraisal
System Development

Most processes require people for performing the tasks. It is the opinion of EA Consulting that people should be objectively evaluated on their performance relative to their process task responsibility. Objective performance evaluation is a key business culture component as it certainly contributes to positive employee morale. Performance appraisals that are subjective in nature create an atmosphere of mistrust as employees feel and often vocalize the sense of “That’s not an accurate review of my performance.” This can certainly lead to both poor employee morale and employee turnover. Here is what we feel is required to provide an objective performance evaluation.

EA Consulting

Assists with creating role descriptions and performance standards for each position within your company to ensure performance appraisals are objective.

2 Key Components for Objective Performance Appraisals

Role Description Development

A role description should exist for every position within a company. It should contain the specific tasks that the position is responsible for performing. Role description creation automatically accomplishes two additional tasks:

  • 1.Identification of processes for the role.
    Upon identifying the role processes, one can go directly to the process mapping exercise.
  • 2.Development of the training outline for the role.
    The training outline simply illustrates the training required for an employee to be competent in the assigned role.

Performance Standard Development

Objective performance appraisals require the creation of a measurement standard. Employees must be provided with performance standards to ensure they understand how their efforts are being measured.


There should be no surprises during the performance review process. When employees:

  • 1.Understand their role responsibilities.
  • 2.Understand how their performance is being measured.
  • 3.Receive regular (weekly/momthly/quarterly) performance feedback.
  • Then the annual performance review process will in all probability be objective in nature.