helloWhy is the Customer Angry
Why is the Customer Angry?

Why is the customer angry? I see so much information about how to handle an angry customer. My question is – Why is the customer angry? Are multiple customers angry about the same thing? Does anybody know? I spent a lot of my corporate career asking this question. There would be discussions regarding the need […]

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hello4 reasons for broken business processes
Top 4 Reasons for Broken Business Processes

Broken Business Processes Broken business processes create frustration for employees, customers, vendors, and suppliers. Here are the top four reasons for broken processes that appear during process mapping sessions. 1- Unmet Needs Can Damage Business Processes It is important to know what is required by each person performing tasks within the process. Unmet needs create […]

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helloHaste Makes Waste Boy
Haste Makes Waste Boy

“Haste makes waste boy.” I heard this statement from my Dad a lot as a kid. I would often get in a hurry which usually resulted in me making mistakes. In one instance, there was a hole in a heater hose in my car. In my haste to change the hose, I created a bigger […]

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helloInternal Connectivity
Internal Connectivity – 3 Ways to Determine How Well Your Company is Connected

Internal Connectivity   While it is important to focus on sales growth and profit margins, many business owners forget to think about internal connectivity. It’s critical to understand what is connected to a company’s ability to function well internally. You know how the saying goes – “what happens on the inside becomes visible on the […]

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