Good Processes: The Silent Guardians Against Customer Complaints

In the dynamic landscape of business, the persistent ring of a customer complaint can be disconcerting. It not only disrupts the seamless flow of operations but can also tarnish the carefully crafted image of your brand. The question then arises: Can good processes be the silent guardians that keep your phone from incessantly ringing with […]

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helloWow Your Employees First
Harmony in Action: How Efficient and Effective Processes Create Internal Satisfaction

In the dynamic realm of business operations, the efficiency and effectiveness of processes are not solely external customer concerns. The impact of streamlined workflows resonates internally, shaping the overall satisfaction and productivity of a company’s workforce. This blog explores the profound connection between well-crafted processes and internal job satisfaction, shedding light on how the optimization […]

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hellopeople vs process
People VS Process

People VS Process When issues arise because a customer is dissatisfied or a mistake occurs, it’s commonplace to blame employees for the customer’s discontent.  Now I’m in the mindset that most people come to work to do a good job. I believe that most people do not get up in the morning thinking “I’m going […]

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helloWhy is the Customer Angry
Why is the Customer Angry?

Why is the customer angry? I see so much information about how to handle an angry customer. My question is – Why is the customer angry? Are multiple customers angry about the same thing? Does anybody know? I spent a lot of my corporate career asking this question. There would be discussions regarding the need […]

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