helloCustomer Service For The Small Business Owner
Customer Service For The Small Business Owner

If you are a small business owner, it’s very important to pay attention to your customer service delivery program. After spending money for your website (search engine optimized of course), business cards, and other necessities for your particular business as well as countless hours networking, it would be a shame for all of this to go to waste due to not paying attention to customer service.

Here are a few tips:

1. Acknowledge your customer. That means if they walk into your establishment, acknowledge their presence. If they email you, respond quickly.

If they call you, answer the phone (If you’re not available, advise your customers as to when you will be available – “I am in a meeting from 1 pm to 2 pm and will return your call as quickly as possible.”). If they can reach you via your website, make sure you are able to receive a direct email advising that someone is attempting to reach you.

2. Assess what their needs/wants are by asking questions and listening.

3. Provide service professionally by:

A. Keeping your word.

B. Communicating with your customer.

C. Saying “Thank You”.

Just a few tips for you. We’ll elaborate more and provide other tips in an upcoming workshop.

Remember, customer service can make or break your business. It’s your choice!



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Great Customer Service

A couple of weeks ago I decided to upgrade my cell phone. I made a visit to a nearby AT&T store and was blown away by the customer service.

The sales representative acknowledged my and my wife’s presence immediately and proceeded to inquire as to the reason for our visit. I explained that I needed to upgrade my cell phone and he asked why and how did I plan to use the phone.

After I answered his questions, he proceeded to offer what he felt like was the best phone for my needs and why he felt that way. He proceeded to offer the service/data plan that he felt would best fit my needs. After I made my choices he reviewed my choices to make sure I understood what I was purchasing and clarified the amount of my first bill.

He made sure the phone was activated properly and helped to set up my email addresses on the phone. I was so pleased with his service that I found the manager on duty to let her know how satisfied I was with his level of customer service. This customer service experience receives an A+!!


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helloCore Values
Customer Service – From The Inside Out

In today’s tumultuous economy, customer service is more important than ever before. One bad experience can cost you a customer and perhaps potential customers.

While it’s important to train your front-line employees to give good customer service, it’s more important to create a good work environment(system) for your employees. Make sure your current procedures allow for smooth and consistent delivery of your service/product to your customer.

Make sure each person understands how they impact the service delivery process. Get your employees to spend time in each other’s shoes so as to gain a better understanding of and respect for each other’s responsibilities.

Get your managers to spend time with their employees to gain insight and appreciation for what the employee does to complete his/her tasks. These steps create an environment filled with learning, mutual respect, and creativity. If your employees are happy, it flows directly to your customer.



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