helloWhy Are Your Customers Waiting
Why Are Your Customers Waiting?

During a recent client assignment, I noticed the frequency with which customers found themselves in waiting mode. Waiting to be told what to do next. Waiting to be acknowledged. Waiting to be serviced. Now there’s one thing that customers delight in and that’s being provided with service in a timely manner. Waiting is high on […]

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helloCustomer Experience Formula
(CACV+CT+EFMP)=GCE*C=CR A Customer Experience Formula

While assisting a client with developing a customer experience strategy, a formula crossed my mind. Now I can hear someone asking – Errol, a formula related to customer experience? Bear with me on this – CACV + CT + EFMP = GCE*C = CR. Let’s walk through this. CACV This component of the formula means […]

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