Detox Your Culture for Better Customer Service

As a consultant, I get the opportunity to spend hour upon hour inside of client companies interacting with employees at all levels. The one thing that stands out most is the different company cultures and the impact to the customer’s experience. I have witnessed employees interacting with one another in a jovial manner. I have also witnessed employees living in fear within a tension filled environment. The root cause of both of these examples in my opinion is LEADERSHIP.

When leadership interacts in a professional, courteous, uplifting and encouraging manner, the rest of the organization tends to follow along and the customer ultimately benefits. Should leadership choose the opposites of the above mentioned characteristics, the organization is filled with tension, resentment, high employee turnover and as a result – a sub par customer experience. Leadership sets the pace. Leadership determines how employees will be trained, managed and reviewed. Leadership is responsible for everything, everything that happens within the organization. Leaders – be honest enough to examine yourselves. Are you the reason for your organization’s woes? If so – it’s time for a detox. Be the reason for your customers receiving a great customer experience!


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