helloVoice of the Customer
Voice of the Customer – Attributes of an Effective System – Part 2

In our last voice of the customer discussion, we focused on four attributes of an effective system according to John Goodman, author of Strategic Customer Service : 1. Unified Management of the Program 2. A Unified Data Collection Strategy 3. Integrated Data Analysis 4. Proactive Distribution of the Analysis. In this article, we’ll discuss Goodman’s […]

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helloSometimes You Can’t Say Yes
Sometimes You Can’t Say Yes – Shep Hyken

In a perfect customer service world, we would never have to tell a customer “no.” But in real life, there are situations in which it is unavoidable. No one likes to be told “no,” and it can create a negative environment that has to be overcome. Karen Leland and Keith Bailey address some reasons you […]

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