3 Reasons To Prep Before Interacting With Your Customers

Reasons To Prep Before Interacting With Your Customers

Here in Houston, Tx, I award my “Now That’s Customer Service!” Award to individuals or companies that provide great customer service. I rate such things as a time to acknowledge a customer’s presence, demeanor during the service interaction, interaction consistency (if I am a repeat customer), product/service knowledge, exhibited the ability to address customer concerns, and transaction speed.

Customer service interactions are where the rubber meets the road for your business. These conversations and encounters can create loyal customers when handled efficiently and professionally. Preparation on a daily basis is necessary prior to these interactions. Here are three reasons why:

 1. Your customer expects you to be ready to provide a great customer service experience.

Most people have expectations regarding how they should be treated during customer service interactions. They expect simple things: a smiling voice on the other end of the phone, a pleasant greeting when they enter your establishment, a pleasant online chat demeanor, a great overall customer service experience.

I believe that people who deliver great customer service just naturally have a service mindset. Before interacting with your first customer of the day, prepare by reminding yourself that you are available to serve. Doing so will help you to mentally get deeper into the service mode.

2. Your company deserves your best effort.

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee of an organization, your best effort is needed when interacting with your customer. Providing great customer service requires one to maintain a high energy level throughout the day (or night). Your customer’s experience suffers when you’re running low on customer service fuel. It’s obvious to your customer when your energy starts to wane.

I know from experience that the customer service industry can be somewhat stressful. Counter this stress by making sure to get the proper amount of rest and by spending time with non-job related activities. Doing so allows your mind to reset in preparation for the next round of customer interactions.

3. You owe it to yourself.

It’s important that individual service providers feel good about the level of service they provide to their customers. To end one’s day with a sense of personal fulfillment is critical to one’s long-term well-being. Did I give my best effort today? Was I mentally prepared to provide a quality experience for customers? Taking the time to prepare before servicing your customer will assist you in being able to answer “Yes!” to these questions.

Your confidence level zooms when you’re able to successfully handle customer interactions. Your willingness to understand all aspects of product/service will enable you to efficiently and effectively handle customer inquiries or provide resolutions for product/service issues. Give yourself an edge by taking the time to prepare before interacting with your customer.

Customer service is best provided from a proactive stance. Be proactive by taking the time to prepare before interacting with your customer. Remember, your customer expects you to be prepared to provide service, your company deserves your best effort and you owe it to yourself. Be prepared!


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