helloFrustrate Your Front Line
3 Ways To Frustrate Your Front Line

Front-line personnel is tasked with providing a great customer experience – whether it be face-to-face, via phone, or web chat. An organization’s success at retaining customers is dependent upon the skills of those rendering service. Did you know that it’s important for your front-line personnel to be relaxed and confident during their encounters with customers? […]

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helloHow Do Your Employees Really Feel
How Do Your Employees Really Feel?

Customer service is a people industry. Although self-service has become an option for customers, people still play an important role in the customer’s experience. Employees are people. Just as customers share information regarding their experience with your company, employees do the same. What are your employees expressing about your organization? There are several websites that […]

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helloWow Your Employees First
Wow Your Employees First!

During my customer service career, I have seen many reminders advising employees to “Wow the customer!” It’s important to “Wow” the customer as this is a surefire way to increase customer retention. What about employee retention? I think it’s critical to “Wow!” the employee first. An organization’s ability to “Wow!” its employees has multiple impacts to the […]

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