helloThe Impact Of Performance Goals On Customer Service
The Impact Of Performance Goals On Customer Service

Does this sound familiar? “I can’t possibly complete all of this work and meet the goals to receive a raise. It just doesn’t seem fair. I don’t think management understands what it takes to actually do this job”. Employees today are experiencing more stress than ever in this era of economic uncertainty. It’s very important […]

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helloEmployee Morale Does Create Customer Experiences
Employee Morale Does Create Customer Experiences

It’s often been said that customer contact employees are key to creating great customer experiences. There is a lot of validity to this statement as customers depend upon the person with whom they interact to provide a high level of service. In continuing the series on the necessary ingredients for creating great customer experiences, let’s […]

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helloAre Your Customers Tweeting About You
Are Your Customers Tweeting About You?

While doing a little test on what customers are saying live on Twitter regarding customer service, I noticed that while a multitude of complaints was “Tweeted”, they were very few responses from the company in question. Some of these companies are household names! It was as if all of the negative comments were visible for […]

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I Just Wanted To Renew My Vehicle Registration!

Recently I visited a large well-known grocery store near my home to renew my vehicle registration. A simple transaction – or so I thought. After receiving the customary “Next in line please.” summons, I advised the young lady of my reason for being there. Before she even asked, I gave her the information required to […]

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