helloWe Only Update The Website Once A Month
“We Only Update The Website Once A Month!”

I received this customer service story from a member of a local organization here in Houston, Tx. This member volunteers as a liaison between new members and the organization. She received a phone call from a new member regarding the location of an organizational committee meeting. It appears that the new member was at the […]

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helloYou Have To Be More Considerate Sir
“You Have To Be More Considerate Sir!”

A good friend of mine here in Houston recently underwent hip replacement surgery. He’s now recovering at home and receiving both physical and occupational therapy. For a while, both therapies took place on the same day of the week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My friend is comfortable with this schedule as it allows for […]

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helloToday’s Customers
Today’s Customers – What Do They Want?

I’ve noticed something different about today’s customers. Unlike the customer of yesteryear who did not have easy access to product information and multiple avenues by which to locate and purchase products, the customer of today can easily access information, compare prices and formulate product or service questions in the comfort of their home or office. […]

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helloDo The Unexpected
Do The Unexpected

Every entrepreneur or business owner strives to get the attention of potential customers and to retain existing customers (You do have a retention strategy right?) I often hear business owners discussing what’s required to separate themselves from their competitors. A word of advice that I offer is to do the unexpected. Now I know someone […]

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