hellowhat is good customer service
What Is Customer Service?

What Is Good Customer Service   While being interviewed on a local radio show, one of the co-hosts posed this question – “Errol, exactly what is customer service?” I don’t ever remember being asked that particular question but here’s my reply -“ Customer service is a methodology that when put in motion, creates a customer’s […]

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helloRetaining Employees When Your Company Starts to Grow
4 Steps to Retaining Employees When Your Company Starts to Grow

One of the main goals of a business is to establish a consistent pattern of growth. It’s what keeps the business alive. When a small business experiences the good fortune of an extended growth period, it’s critical to maintain a low employee turnover rate. Here are 4 steps to retaining employees when your company starts […]

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helloImprove Your Bottom Line With Data
Improve Your Bottom Line With Data

My analytical inclinations lead me to ask lots of questions. Lots of questions! What often helps me to get the answers to these questions is data. It’s important to pay attention to data and even more important to get the story behind the data. Your bottom line is dependent upon your willingness to do so. […]

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helloBig Customer Service From Small Businesses
Big Customer Service From Small Businesses

It’s often been said that small businesses are the heartbeat of any growing economy. Nimbleness, less red tape, and quick decisions are some of the advantages of being a small business. When interacting with small business owners, quite naturally customer service becomes the topic of discussion. I’m often asked “Errol, should I go through all […]

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