helloHe Just Handled It
He Just Handled It!

My son drove in from Austin a few days ago and his car’s exhaust was a little louder than normal. He stated that he was scheduled to take it into the Houston dealership, Russell & Smith Ford, where it was purchased on the next day which happened to be a Saturday. At his request, I […]

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helloCustomer Service
Customer Service – It’s Not Rocket Science

Over the years that I’ve spent in and around the customer service industry, lots of changes have occurred. Methods of interacting with the customer. The variety of ways customers interact with companies. Monitoring and measuring employee performance. Metrics and more metrics. This methodology vs that methodology. These changes have often helped in creating a better […]

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helloManaging for Great Customer Service
Managing for Great Customer Service

As a former customer service manager, I know the position requires one to possess a balance of operational knowledge and people skills. Both are necessary for insuring the best possible experience for both team members and customers. Here are a few tips on managing this balancing act: Remember that your employees are people. Often times […]

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helloVoice of the Customer
Voice of the Customer – Who’s Listening?

It‘s important to know how your customer feels about your product or service. Your customer’s voice bears paying attention to, as the success of your business depends upon your willingness to listen to how your customer feels about your product or service. It’s also important to monitor your operation for issues that may create negative […]

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