Great Service Leads To The Purchase of Two New Vehicles!

Great Service Leads To The Purchase of Two New Vehicles

A good friend here in Houston, Tx called me about his experience when purchasing a new vehicle. I’ll let him tell his story.

“Recently, the engine had gone out on my SUV. Not wanting to put money into a 10-year-old vehicle with over 150,000 miles, my wife and I set out to purchase a new car. While excited about getting a new vehicle, we were both not thrilled about the stress that goes along with the purchase process.

Let’s face it, dealing with salesmen, finance managers, numbers and negotiations often distract from the joy that should come from looking for, finding, and purchasing the 2nd most expensive item most people pay for in their lifetime.

Relatively excited, we began our search by visiting a prominent dealership in Sugar Land, Texas. As we exited our vehicle, one salesperson walked past us, looked the other way, and did not utter a single word.

I thought to myself, “Okay, here we go!” We entered the dealership and within minutes several other salespeople and dealership personnel walked past us and not ONE of them acknowledged our presence. Finally, we were greeted. After describing the details of the vehicle I was interested in (color, features, price range, etc.), we began our search.

During this process, our salesman talked at us instead of to us, constantly interrupted when we had questions, and most of the vehicles he showed us did not meet the details we mentioned at the beginning of our visit. Later that evening (7:30 pm) my wife stopped by the dealership to take another look around on her way home from the office. She was told that there was a vehicle we had not seen earlier that we may be interested in.

After looking at the vehicle, she agreed that this was closer to what we were looking for and informed the salesman, “I will bring my husband by tomorrow to see the car.” To her surprise, the salesman said with arrogance and disrespect, “Why does he have to see it? It’s pretty much what you all are looking for. We can close this deal tonight! Can’t you make the decision?” Needless to say, my wife was furious and he knew it!!!

Turned off by our experiences with this dealership, I decided it was time to look elsewhere. After picking up my son from school the next day I took a turn at Classic Chevrolet in Sugar Land, Texas.

As my son and I were exiting my rental car, a gentleman walked out and greeted us before our feet were planted firmly on the ground. His name was David Wasaff, Sales Consultant. I informed Mr. Wasaff of what I was looking for in a vehicle and literally within minutes I was standing in front of an automobile that met my criteria.

I thought to myself, “Wow, he listened!” I told Mr. Wasaff, “My wife works three blocks from here. I will bring her by in 15 minutes to see the vehicle.” He replied, “Would you like to bring the vehicle to her? This way you can test drive it and get to see her expression when you pull up.” I said, “Let’s do it.” She loved it and twenty minutes later we were sitting with Finance Manager, Dimitris Platas.

He understood how much we wanted to spend and what I wanted my monthly note to be. He worked diligently on our behalf and within an hour we were the owners of a new car. The experience was so pleasant and hassle-free, that we bought a second vehicle from the dealership for my wife five days later.

Classic Chevrolet of Sugar Land, David Wasaff, and Dimitris Platsas got it right! They understand the importance of listening to the customer and engaging in meaningful negotiations with integrity. The culture at Classic Chevrolet of Sugar Land is like no other.

These are hard-working men and women who take pride in what they do and have a genuine concern for their customers before and after the sale. EVERYONE we encountered was friendly and courteous from the moment we drove into the dealership’s parking lot. We strongly recommend Classic Chevrolet of Sugar Land to anyone in the market for a new vehicle.”

Classic Chevrolet provided a classic customer service experience!

1. Acknowledged customer’s presence in a timely manner.

2. Listened to customers’ needs.

3. Met the customer’s needs in providing a new vehicle that matched the customer’s criteria.

4. Exceeded expectations by completing the purchasing transaction in a timely, no-hassle manner.

Now That’s Customer Service! Congratulations Dave Wasaff, Dimitri Platsas, and Classic Chevrolet!


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