helloLeave This At Home Before Servicing Customers
Leave This At Home Before Servicing Customers

The customer service industry requires one to exercise certain characteristics when servicing customers. Poise, patience, and professionalism to name just a few. There is, however, one three-letter word that can hinder one’s ability to consistently display these characteristics. That word is EGO. My definition of EGO is “Emotions Going Orbital” It’s possible to ruin a […]

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helloBig Customer Service From Small Businesses
Big Customer Service From Small Businesses

It’s often been said that small businesses are the heartbeat of any growing economy. Nimbleness, less red tape, and quick decisions are some of the advantages of being a small business. When interacting with small business owners, quite naturally customer service becomes the topic of discussion. I’m often asked “Errol, should I go through all […]

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helloThe Mobile Customer
The Mobile Customer

In today’s world, more and more people are choosing to do everything from their smartphones. Ordering dinner, purchasing tickets, paying bills, making reservations, etc., and even more, etc.! What does this mean for service-related industries? Should this be a priority when developing or enhancing one’s customer service strategy? When your customer chooses to communicate in […]

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I Just Wanted To Renew My Vehicle Registration!

Recently I visited a large well-known grocery store near my home to renew my vehicle registration. A simple transaction – or so I thought. After receiving the customary “Next in line please.” summons, I advised the young lady of my reason for being there. Before she even asked, I gave her the information required to […]

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