helloWow Your Employees First
Harmony in Action: How Efficient and Effective Processes Create Internal Satisfaction

In the dynamic realm of business operations, the efficiency and effectiveness of processes are not solely external customer concerns. The impact of streamlined workflows resonates internally, shaping the overall satisfaction and productivity of a company’s workforce. This blog explores the profound connection between well-crafted processes and internal job satisfaction, shedding light on how the optimization […]

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helloThe Impact Of Performance Goals On Customer Service
The Impact Of Performance Goals On Customer Service

Does this sound familiar? “I can’t possibly complete all of this work and meet the goals to receive a raise. It just doesn’t seem fair. I don’t think management understands what it takes to actually do this job”. Employees today are experiencing more stress than ever in this era of economic uncertainty. It’s very important […]

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helloSales Tactics Do Create Customer Experiences
Sales Tactics Do Create Customer Experiences

How often have you heard this statement from customer service personnel within your company – “I wish those salespeople would think about what they’re doing when making promises to customers. I’m tired of being yelled at for something that’s not my fault.” It’s important to remember to only promise what can be delivered when interacting […]

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helloMarketing Does Create Customer Experiences
Marketing Does Create Customer Experiences

Recently my wife contacted a carpet cleaning company for service after receiving a promotional mailer. During the conversation, she was informed that this particular promotion was not available after a certain date, which by the way was the previous day. After hearing this news and reviewing the mailer, my wife advised the representative that she […]

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