helloWords New Employees Should Avoid
3 Words New Employees Should Avoid

While assisting my wife in preparing for one of her workshops, it became apparent that a few more seats were needed. As I was familiar with this location, I proceeded to the storage room to retrieve the chairs but found the door locked. While speaking with the new receptionist in regards to gaining access to […]

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helloWords To Avoid in Customer Service
Six Words To Avoid in Customer Service

The are many ways to antagonize a customer – poor service, less than stellar product or the failure to keep the customer abreast of changes that impact the customer experience among others. One sure way to get on the customer’s “bad side” is to use these dreaded words during interactions – “Sir/Ma’am – What you […]

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helloWays To Get Your Customer To Help You Provide Great Customer Service
3 Ways To Get Your Customer To Help You Provide Great Customer Service

In our efforts to provide great customer service, we often forget to remember that it’s important to get the customer to participate in helping us to do so. In some situations, customers can assist in the quest if given the opportunity. Here are three ways to proactively do so: Tell your customers what you need […]

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helloHe Just Handled It
He Just Handled It!

My son drove in from Austin a few days ago and his car’s exhaust was a little louder than normal. He stated that he was scheduled to take it into the Houston dealership, Russell & Smith Ford, where it was purchased on the next day which happened to be a Saturday. At his request, I […]

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