hellocrazy customers
Creating “Crazy” Customers

As I sit in the front area of a client’s business watching the walk-in traffic, one effect is constant – the excited look on most customers’ faces! This client is a bakery and their products are beautifully displayed in glass cases. I’m watching crazy customers’ eyes widen as they approach the product cases. Some laugh […]

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helloStuck in the Middle
Stuck in the Middle – Do Customers Belong Here?

While on a client engagement, I could hear customer service personnel repeatedly apologizing to customers. When asked why, they informed me of a scenario where customers make purchases and are promised a 24hr installation of the product by one department, when in fact, the department in question had no idea if the promise could be […]

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helloTips for Managing Customer Expectations
3 Tips for Managing Customer Expectations

During a recent consulting assignment, it became apparent that the customer service personnel were experiencing an excess amount of stress each morning. When asked to elaborate on the cause, here’s the answer I received – “Errol, employees at the various store locations are committing our installation crews to a timeframe without verifying if our appointment […]

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helloMarketing Does Create Customer Experiences
Marketing Does Create Customer Experiences

Recently my wife contacted a carpet cleaning company for service after receiving a promotional mailer. During the conversation, she was informed that this particular promotion was not available after a certain date, which by the way was the previous day. After hearing this news and reviewing the mailer, my wife advised the representative that she […]

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