helloIncreasing Customer Retention
4 Steps to Increasing Customer Retention

In these days of fierce competition, it’s crucial to do everything that one can to protect one’s customer base. The ability to retain customers is based on how well your internal operations run. While it’s important to smile and be nice to customers, it’s a good idea to make sure that your internal systems are […]

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helloInternal Communication Does Create Customer Experiences
Internal Communication Does Create Customer Experiences

Internal Communication In my role as an operations consultant, one of my primary goals when on a client assignment is to ascertain the level of internal communication across departments. I believe this is important as the level of service received by the paying customer is directly impacted by how well internal departments communicate with one […]

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helloprocess documentation
Detox Your Culture for Better Customer Service

As a consultant, I get the opportunity to spend hour upon hour inside client companies interacting with employees at all levels. The one thing that stands out most is the different company cultures and the impact on the customer’s experience. I have witnessed employees interacting with one another in a jovial manner. I have also […]

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hellocrazy customers
Creating “Crazy” Customers

As I sit in the front area of a client’s business watching the walk-in traffic, one effect is constant – the excited look on most customers’ faces! This client is a bakery and their products are beautifully displayed in glass cases. I’m watching crazy customers’ eyes widen as they approach the product cases. Some laugh […]

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