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Detox Your Culture for Better Customer Service

As a consultant, I get the opportunity to spend hour upon hour inside client companies interacting with employees at all levels. The one thing that stands out most is the different company cultures and the impact on the customer’s experience. I have witnessed employees interacting with one another in a jovial manner. I have also […]

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helloManagement Skills Do Create Customer Experiences
Management Skills Do Create Customer Experiences

When leaving a recent late lunch with a good friend here in Houston, Texas, we witnessed something that I personally had never seen before. The manager of the restaurant was loudly chewing out a waiter – right in front of customers! My friend and I were both taken aback by this behavior. What level of […]

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helloWhy Are Your Customers Waiting
Why Are Your Customers Waiting?

During a recent client assignment, I noticed the frequency with which customers found themselves in waiting mode. Waiting to be told what to do next. Waiting to be acknowledged. Waiting to be serviced. Now there’s one thing that customers delight in and that’s being provided with service in a timely manner. Waiting is high on […]

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helloQuality Standards Create Great Customer Experiences
Quality Standards Create Great Customer Experiences

While spending the day with an installation technician during my most recent consulting assignment, it became apparent that this individual was focused on the quality of his work. The way he took measurements and utilized his various tools were indications that he was interested in providing a quality installation. When asked the reason for his […]

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