Training : Building Employee Confidence and Customer Loyalty

Training : Building Employee Confidence and Customer Loyalty

I visited a local wine and light food establishment for a holiday social event. During my time there, I was given a tour of the facility by a member of the management team.

While I expressed my fascination with the facility’s features, my tour guide advised me that all employees are required to taste the food every day! They are also required to attend wine classes so that they can interact confidently with customers regarding the various wine offerings! It’s important to educate employees on all aspects of your products and services.

Product/service knowledge helps to build trust with the customer and they are more inclined to accept the suggestions/recommendations the employee makes to fulfill their requests. Product/service knowledge helps the employee feel confident when interacting with the customer.

The customer expects the employee to be the expert. Product/service knowledge helps the employee to fulfill the customer’s expectations. A two-fold result of insuring your employees receive the proper product/services training is:

1. higher employee morale with less turnover through an increased sense of confidence and value.

2. customer loyalty – through having their expectations met via knowledgeable employees. Make sure to train your employees properly. The extra time and money spent on training will be recovered via customer loyalty which brings additional revenue.


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