Great Customer Service

Core Values

A couple of weeks ago I decided to upgrade my cell phone. I made a visit to a nearby AT&T store and was blown away by the customer service.

The sales representative acknowledged my and my wife’s presence immediately and proceeded to inquire as to the reason for our visit. I explained that I needed to upgrade my cell phone and he asked why and how did I plan to use the phone.

After I answered his questions, he proceeded to offer what he felt like was the best phone for my needs and why he felt that way. He proceeded to offer the service/data plan that he felt would best fit my needs. After I made my choices he reviewed my choices to make sure I understood what I was purchasing and clarified the amount of my first bill.

He made sure the phone was activated properly and helped to set up my email addresses on the phone. I was so pleased with his service that I found the manager on duty to let her know how satisfied I was with his level of customer service. This customer service experience receives an A+!!


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