One Sure Fire Way To Impress Your Customers

One Sure Fire Way To Impress Your Customers

Several years ago I decided to relocate to a different part of Houston, Tx. Because I was moving to a newly built home, I chose to utilize professional movers – didn’t want to scratch those new walls! One thing that thoroughly impressed me with the moving company was their frequent reminders and updates. “Mr. Allen we’re calling to confirm your move for next Tuesday.” “Mr. Allen we’re calling to remind you of your scheduled move for tomorrow.

The crew will arrive between 8:00 and 8:30 am.” One sure-fire way to impress your customers is by providing timely updates, confirmations, and progress reports. Let’s take a look at three reasons why it’s important to do so.

Customers Love It!

Customers really appreciate companies that provide timely updates and progress reports. Doing so means customers spend less time calling or emailing for information. This simple task creates goodwill for your company and will surely lead to referrals from your present customers.

While it may appear to be time-consuming to keep customers informed, believe me, it’s time well spent. If a customer has to call you for an update or progress report, you’ve just lost crucial customer experience points.

It Means You’re On Top of Your Game!

When a company makes it a point to provide confirmations, updates, and progress reports, customers feel that you’re on top of your game! It shows that you spend time tracking the progress and status of situations that impact your customer’s experience with your organization.

Maintaining situational awareness is a critical exercise as it allows one to proactively identify issues that may negatively impact the customer. One can usually quickly resolve these issues to prevent delays in completing the service paid for by the customer. Be proactive to stay on top of your customer experience game.

Repeat Business Will Blossom

Because you take the steps to keep your customers informed, it’s most likely they will choose to utilize your services again when the need arises. Customers are more prone to continue to do business with proactive companies.

The less work the customer has to do, the higher the probability that you’ve just created a repeat customer. As your repeat business grows, look for a new business to grow as well.

Satisfied customers will share their experience with others in need of your services. Make it a point to keep this in mind when deciding whether or not your company will proactively provide service updates.

With the competitive climate in the service industry, it’s critical to do something that sets your company apart.

Choose to keep your customer informed because Customers Love It, It Means You’re On Top of Your Game, and Repeat Business Will Blossom.


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