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customer service consulting

Customer Service Consulting

The advent of social media, specifically Twitter, provides an avenue for customers to express their happiness and unhappiness with products and services. Just search for “bad customer service” or “poor customer service”, and you’ll be presented with a plethora of comments regarding customer service experiences gone wrong.

There are, however, companies and organizations that strive to provide great customer experiences. I am issuing the challenge for 10,000 businesses – large and small, across all industries – worldwide to take the “We Will Provide Great Customer Service!“ Pledge. Let’s talk about what I am challenging businesses to pledge to exercise:

1. Reliability

Our customers can believe that our products and services will meet their standards. Our customers can unconsciously trust us.

2. Credibility

We will strive to maintain a positive reputation with our customers and employees. We will do what we say we will do.

3. Competence

We will take the time to properly train our employees to ensure they are fully knowledgeable about our products and or services. We also provide basic customer service skills training to all employees – especially those who interact with customers on a daily basis.

4. Accessibility

Our customers can easily reach and communicate with us – whether that be via phone, face-to-face, web chat, email, or SMS text.

If we have brick-and-mortar locations, we will utilize customer-friendly signage to allow for quick locating and retrieval of our products. Our website will be customer friendly – easy to navigate and free of industry jargon.

5. Responsiveness

We are serious about responding to customer inquiries, requests, and complaints. We will set time standards for responding to customer emails, chat requests, and especially customer complaints.

In addition, we will proactively provide updates and progress reports when working on projects. We will develop update criteria with the customer – of updates, frequency, and method.

6. Courtesy 

We will remember and exercise the principle that everyone, customers and employees, deserves a measure of respect. We believe that all employees deserve to be treated well for all the great things they do. We will courteously acknowledge our customer’s presence – via whatever method they choose to engage with us.

When customers are angry, we will remain courteous to ensure that we do all we can to resolve the issue and retain their business.

7. Consistency

We will strive to consistently apply the aforementioned six keys as our ability to do so day in and day out, month after month, year after year, is what will make us great at providing great customer service.

Is your company up for the challenge? Go ahead and commit to the pledge today! If you are interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact us for more info!

Commit To The Pledge!


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