She Earned It!

She Earned It

Laurenzo’s Restaurant, located at 4412 Washington Avenue here in Houston, Tx is a pleasant place to dine. My wife and I stop by occasionally when we’re out cruising. Our favorite waitress at Laurenzo’s is Candace Roberts. Candace’s customer service skills are second to none.

We ask for her specifically when we drop in. Her personality and sense of humor make her an easy choice for a “Now That’s Customer Service!” award. Upon our arrival to present the award, we were greeted with the biggest hug from Candace, not because she was receiving an award – she had no idea that she was receiving it, but because she was just glad to see us! I have observed Candace’s customer service style with her customers during our visits. She treats everyone like family.

Candace is consistently great at providing great customer service! Her attitude and demeanor are a perfect fit for the customer service industry. Her attentiveness makes us feel as if we are the only customers in the restaurant.


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