Consistency Rewarded!


District 7 Grill, located at 501 Pierce in the Midtown area of Houston, Tx , is one of my favorite restaurants. Not only is the food great with reasonable prices, but the customer service is impeccable. I have been a frequent customer over the last four years and have yet to experience anything less than great customer service.

Staffed by college-age personnel, the consistency of the service is beyond words. Staff faces change from time to time, but this does not appear to impact the level of service, a testament to management’s commitment to providing an excellent customer service experience.

The decision to present a “Now That’s Customer Service!” award to this establishment was an easy one as they have proven to be truly driven in their quest to provide a five-star level of customer service! Consistency is important to customer retention and loyalty. This factor has me hooked as a loyal customer! For more information about District 7 Grill, visit their website at


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