Core Values – The Framework for Great Customer Service

He establishment of core values for your business creates a frame-work from which you will operate and make daily decisions. In regards to providing great customer service, a good set of core values should  include the following: 1. How we will treat each other within the company. 2. How we will treat our customers.  In order for great customer service to flow out to the customer, greatness must be the goal on the inside of the business. How can you accomplish this you ask? Words such as honesty, respect, integrity, and good attitude must be incorporated into the core values of your business. Maintaining an environment conducive to providing great customer service becomes easier when everyone is on the same page. When leadership can promote and exhibit honesty, respect, integrity and a good attitude, the foundation for a great business culture as well as great customer service is set.  When the staff experiences honesty, respect, integrity and good attitude from the leadership team, they buy into the core values – it’s not just words on paper, it’s actually the way things are done . Just imagine the power of everyone allowing the core values to influence the actions with each other and the customer. There are numerous benefits to incorporating core values. Here are just a few:

A reduction in employee turnover – Employees feel valued when treated with respect. There is a sense of trust when the leadership team makes a point to be open and honest and act with the utmost integrity.

Higher level of service of provided to the customer – As employee turnover remains low, the customer benefits from the knowledge and experience of a more tenured employee. The system moves a little faster for the customer as tasks are completed efficiently and properly.

A work environment open to improvement/innovation – When a safe environment exists – one open to input from the employees, ideas and suggestions for improvement or innovation will assist in creating the best possible experience for the customer.

Customer retention rate  is high – When the customer receives the benefit of the company’s establishment and commitment to live by its core values, they become loyal customers. An increase in revenue via retention and referrals create a positive cycle for the business and its employees.

If you haven’t already, consider taking the time to establish core values for your business. They may just be your guide to long-term success. Here are a  few core value examples:


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