Who’s Greeting Your Customers?

Core Values

Most businesses have someone who greets their customers either by taking an incoming call or in person at the business location. The way this interaction is handled can lead to the acquisition of a new customer or the retention of an existing customer.

Customer “greeters” are the ambassadors for your company and must be in the customer service mindset at all times. Their personality should be upbeat, with a natural inclination to assist your customers. Your customers deserve a smile when they choose to do business with you.

Proper body language is also critical when interacting with customers as positive and negative feelings are easily transferred to the customer through an employee’s physical actions. Voice tone and inflections are other barometers to monitor during customer interactions. It’s important to speak in an even tone, careful to only allow positive emotions to flow out to the customer.

My wife and I frequent a restaurant here in Houston because of one waitress’ customer service. The persons greeting and seating the customers could take a few lessons from the waitress. Their demeanor is somewhat cold and indifferent. On our first visit to this establishment, I asked if we could be seated by a window.

My request seemed to irritate the young lady. Her irritation irritated me! I was already thinking of “strike one” for the restaurant. The waitress saved the day with her impeccable customer service skills and we ask specifically for her whenever we choose to dine there.

Make sure that your ambassadors present the proper face to your customers to insure long-term success. Take the time to interview properly before hiring anyone to fill the ambassador role! Define what good customer service is for your employees.

Make sure they understand what is expected and train them to provide the level of customer service that your customer deserves. It could mean the difference between having someone to greet and wondering where did all of the customers go!


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