He Found It! Award Winning Service

Core Values

My wife found an online coupon for incredible savings on a printer at the local office supply store. Upon arriving with the coupon to take advantage of this offer, we were immediately greeted by a store employee. We advised the employee of our desire to purchase the advertised printer.

The young man attempted to scan the coupon skew number several times, but it would not register within their inventory system. He calmly stated, “I know we have this item in stock. If you don’t mind let me check to see if I can locate it.” He proceeded on his quest and returned shortly with the printer in hand.

He explained the problem – the skew number on the coupon did not match the skew number on the actual item. He thanked us for our patience and escorted us to the register for checkout.

Let’s total up this experience –

1. Acknowledged upon entering the store.

2. Employee took ownership of the situation – he searched for the printer himself after the skew number would not register in the inventory system.

3. He apologized for the delay caused by his having to locate the printer.

4. Explained the cause of the delay – skew numbers didn’t match.

5. He escorted us to the checkout area.

6. He exhibited a good attitude throughout the interaction. Guess where we’ll go for office supplies! Now That’s Customer Service!


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