He Made It Look Easy!

He Made It Look Easy

I recently decided to open a couple of bank accounts at a location that offers a few more features than my prior banking institution. Upon my arrival, the bank employee greeted me right away, asking how he could be of service.

I advised him of my need to which he replied “Let’s get started!” He proceeded to get all of my pertinent data, all the while engaging me in general conversation. Since I was opening two accounts, I expected an extended visit to this bank.

To my surprise, it only took about 40 minutes! The employee was detailed in informing me of the features and benefits of the accounts, kept each account’s paperwork separated so as not to create confusion for me later, made sure that the debit cards were operational, and even followed up about a week later to make sure that I was satisfied thus far with the service!

Let’s add this one up –

1. Greeted right away.

2. Great attitude while opening two accounts.

3. Explained the products and services thoroughly.

4. Insured debit cards were functional.

5. Followed up a week later to gauge my satisfaction level. He made it look easy! Now That’s Customer Service!


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